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Bay, Bow and Box Windows in Des Moines, IA

When choosing new windows, some homeowners look for windows that provide a more accessible and non-obstructed view. That's why Farm & Home Builders offers bay, bow and box windows for the residents in Des Moines, IA. Bay, bow and box windows provide an elegant, architectural look to homes because of their unique arches and angles. They have an advantage over traditional windows because they provide a large outdoor viewing area and extra ventilation. However, there are slight differences between these windows.

Bay, bow and box windowsBay Windows

  • Consists of three windows with a large center window and two smaller windows on the sides
  • The two smaller windows are angled
  • Contains various sizes
  • Sharp angled look

Bow Windows

  • Consists of three to six windows
  • Windows are the same size
  • Has a bowed or curved appearance

Box Windows

  • Adds depth and 3D dimension
  • Configurations available up to 6' in height
  • Exterior projections 7", 9" or 11"
  • Adds dimension to a traditional style
  • Features oak or birch furniture-grade hardwood veneer

Bay, Bow and Box Windows for Des Moines, IA

Our bay, bow and box windows are skillfully crafted by Preservation, the leading manufacturer of quality windows. They offer the following advantages:

Style and Elegance

  • Bay, bow and box windowsLarge selection of interior wood grain and glass options
  • Beveled exterior masterframe
  • Contains smooth lines to accent your room
  • Three dimensional look
  • Expands interior space
  • Great view of outdoors


  • Reduces heating and cooling cost
  • Improves the resale value of home
  • Provides extra lighting
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Full 1" insulating glass with SST warm-edge spacer
  • ProgressiveEfficiency carbonized polystyrene insulation in sashes and masterframes

Low-Maintenance and Environmentally Friendly

  • Requires no maintenance
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel hinges
  • 100% Preservation sash and masterframe

Not all bay, bow and box windows are made the same. That's why we choose Preservation for our windows. They use the latest materials to reduce your energy costs. Our quality windows are offered at a fair price so they can withstand all weather conditions for many years to come. We offer a lifetime limited, transferable warranty that includes glass breakage. Contact us today for a estimate. We are the true window installers in Des Moines, IA.


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