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Fiberglass roofingUnderlayments are designed for use on residential roof decks as a water-resistant layer beneath roofing shingles. CertainTeed manufactures the utility grade felt underlayments ShingleFelt™ 15ShingleFelt™ 30 and the fiber glass-reinforced felt underlayment Roofers’ Select. It also markets a high performance synthetic underlayment called DiamondDeck. Waterproofing shingle underlayments prevent leaks from ice dams and wind-driven rain in vulnerable areas. CertainTeed manufactures the product WinterGuard.

There are many benefits for the installation of fiberglass roofing. Some of these benefits are:

  • Fiberglass is waterproof
  • Fiberglass works as an insulator for your home
  • Fiberglass panels are very versatile and strong
  • Fiberglass roofing is much less expensive than metal or copper roofing

Another advantage to installing fiberflass roofing is it allows you to create various shapes and colors. You can incorporate designs right into the panels.

Fiberglass has a high tensile strength which makes it a great material for roofing. Fiberlass panels are strong as well as flexible so you can drill and nail them without fearing damage to the panel. Fiberglass also provides excellent protection against water. Living in the Des Moines, IA area, fiberglass roofing is an excellent choice due to the heavy rainfall and snow that Des Moines, IA encounters.

Fiberglass roofing is easy to install and is a low maintenance roofing product. Fiberglass roofing easily lasts for 20-30 years. It can be installed on any type of building since it is so lightweight. It can be applied to high pitch roofs as well as low pitched and flat roofs. If you are looking for a weather-resistant, lightweight, and durable roofing product, fiberglass is a good choice. Contact Farm and Home Builders and let us answer any of your questions regarding fiberglass roofing.

Why Choose Farm & Home Builders for your Fiberglass Roofing?

Farm and Home Builders was established over 40 years ago. We have the experience and use only the best products for fiberglass roofing. Our employees are trained in the installation and the products used for fiberglass roofing. We are locally owned and operated business that takes pride in the outstanding reputation that we have established. Our customer's needs come first. Since we are locally owned and operated we will be there from start to finish and even afterward. You will get the personalized attention that you deserve.

We serve Des Moines, IA and a 75 mile radius surrounding Des Moines. We are a family run business that is committed to ethical business practices, customer satisfaction and the highest quality products. Contact Farm and Home Builders today for a free inspection and free estimate for your fiberglass roofing.


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