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High-Performance Siding with ClimaShield


Integra Insulated SidingAre you looking for a more energy efficient siding? You've come to the right place. At Farm & Home Builders, our superior siding will give you peace of mind so you can be comfortable in your own home. We offer ClimaShield®, a unique thermal support system by Preservation, to give your home superior insulation and weather resistance. Our siding is installed over ClimaShield®® to help meet the performance ENERGY STAR guidelines for your home.

Traditional siding is installed over flat underlayments that offers no support and insulation. This makes it susceptible to denting, sagging, warping and bowing. Sliding with ClimaShield® offers thermal support and protects your siding from hail damage and noise penetration. Not only does it make your home more energy efficient, it prevents air movement.

Choose ClimaShield® for your siding options. Farm & Home Builders use the latest siding products on the market to increase the curb appeal of your home in Des Moines, IA.

Exclusive ClimaShield® for Your Home in Des Moines, IA

ClimaShield® uses MPS technology to ensure superior insulation and protect your home from outside elements. It also provides the following benefits:

Molded panels for sidingMolded Panels

  • Panels are individually molded to securely fit the siding
  • Delivers superior impact resistance
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Fills hollow space between wall sheathing and the siding

waterproofing protection sidingWaterproofing  Protection

  • Heat and pressure cross-link the polymer molecules on the surface to envelop ClimaShield® in a high-density, waterproof skin
  • Prevents mold growth and mildew

thermal effiiciency sidingThermal Efficiency

  • Enhances installed R-value
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Increases indoor comfort level

Breathability sidingBreathability

  • Prevents mold growth and mildew
  • 500% more breathable
  • Does not absorb or retain moisture

Impact resistant sidingImpact Resistant

  • Delivers an impact resistance rating of 340 psi
  • Kid-proof exterior

Siding that repels insectsRepels Insects

  • Contains Preventol™ that repels nesting termites
  • Environmentally safe

High-wind resistant sidingHigh-Wind Resistant

  • Guards against wind damage
  • Consist of a double thick rolled-over nail hem for durability

Tested, warranted sidingTested, Warranted Siding

  • Tested by independent laboratories
  • Ensures durability and energy efficiency

For a long-lasting paint appearance, get high-performance siding from Farm & Home Builders. Our siding is made from the latest materials to ensure superior insulation and lower energy costs. We are your true siding installers for the Des Moines, IA area. Contact us today!


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